The following illustrations are unofficial and are not accosted with the park, its suppliers or subsidiaries.

This is an unofficial concept presentation for a possible expansion of Swiss amusement park Conny-Land.

Conny-Land is the most visited amusement park in Switzerland. The park was best known for its dolphin and sea lion show. In 2013, due to unforeseen circumstances the park gave up on its dolphin show and relocated their reminding dolphins to Jamaica.

During March 2021, the former dolphin lagoon was demolished, to make space for a new attraction. The new attraction is rumored to be an indoor tower-ride manufactured by Ride Engineers Switzerland (RES).

Although it’s pretty safe to assume the park will go through with the rumored tower-ride from RES, I took the construction site as an invitation to explore the possibility of a roller coaster at the location of the former dolphin lagoon. I decided to create a concept for a possible Conny-Land expansion featuring a new generation Vekoma Sitdown Thirll coaster (Mk1101).

During planing I set myself some limitations and requirements:

  • The coaster can only be built within the parks boarders.
  • I was not allowed to demolish any attractions or buildings outside the lagoon area.
  • The roller coaster needs to stay below the height of Cobra, which is another roller coaster at this park. (42,0m)
  • The roller coaster had to feature multiple inversions.
  • The total ride time had to be over one minute.
  • The roller coaster had to feature a lift hill.
  • The number of Supports going through existing buildings had to be reduced to a minimum.


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