This article aims to clarify the question of why 4K wallpapers of rollercoasters are not available for FREE on

What are Wallpapers?

Wallpapers as available on are digital downloads of image files. Those image files were prepared for use as a decorative background on the screen of a computer, smartphone or other electronic devices.

The image’s resolution, aspect ratio, as well as composition might have been altered for optimal use on such devices.

Why do all 4K wallpaper-sets cost €1.50?

On it is my (Greneey) goal to provide a complete digital experience free of charge.
However, I am not able to provide “high-resolution” digital wallpapers free of charge.
The reason behind this exception is the fact, that this “perk” of “high-resolution” digital wallpapers was already exclusively promised to my YouTube channel members. YouTube channel members of the rank “Ride Operator” or higher get access to “high-resolution” digital wallpapers out of any additional charges.

In an effort to stay fair to current and future YouTube channel members the decision was made to “hide” 4K Wallpapers behind a paywall of €1.50.
It was determined that €1.50 is a price low enough to be affordable for people who want to gain access to the high-resolution version of the already freely available wallpaper, yet high enough that YouTube channel members do not feel to be ripped off by their channel membership perk.

How do I gain access via YouTube channel memberships?

You can join the YouTube channel membership of GreenBox by clicking the big, red button below this paragraph.
All YouTube channel members of GreenBox with the level “Ride Operator” or higher gain access to a coupon-code which can be used at the checkout to receive the 4K wallpapers out of charge. Additional Information on how to obtain and use this cupon can be found in the YouTube member area as well as the GreenBox YouTube members Discord server.

Thank you for your understanding.