While my 6 day stay in Singapore earlier this year was packed with highlights and at times somewhat overwhelming for a european patato like me. There was one massive tourist-attraction I could not miss. Cloud Forrest.

Cloud Forrest is one of two Indore gardens located within gardens by the bay. This 0.8 hectares greenhouse replicates the moist climate found in tropical mountain regions somewhere around 1000 MAMSL. It also features a 42-meter high “Cloud Mountain” which is accessible by elevators inside the structure. The surface of the “Cloud Mountain” structure is completely grown over and features multiple bigger and smaller waterfalls. Furthermore, there are sky-walks which allow visitors to walk around the 42-meter-high structure on multiple levels.

I originally scheduled the cloud forest visit to one of my first to days in Singapore but after I found out that cloud forest has open until 9pm I decided to opt for a visit later during a day to get an opportunity to get some night-time images. Night-time images… I see a theme evolve around this blog.

However, due to a pretty tide schedule the only day I could make space for the visit was the very last day of my stay just before rushing to the airport and flying back home. So I scheduled my visit from 7pm to 8pm I ultimately ended up enjoying the first half of the tour but then rushing through the second part and even skipping the entire exhibition in the foundation of the “Cloud Mountain”. Which is pretty sad. To be honest, for my next stay I will plan at LEAST 2 hours for cloud forest and maybe even 5 hours to do cloud forest and Flower Dome, the second green-house I didn’t even enter 🙁

And in case you wonder if I would recommend a visit of cloud forest… In case you don’t live in a tropical mountain region… definitely!

Not only for the climate and plant variety also for the “out-of-this-world” architecture which let my jaw drop multiple times during my rather short visit.