For those of you who already follow me on twitter this won’t come as a surprise and for the rest of you supriseeee!

I am currently in the process of getting a drone pilot license in Switzerland. The reason behind this is my employer only allows licensed pilots to create drone footage for the company. And since I am working in advertising of (sometimes) travel systems/destinations drones are always an option to discuss. Therefor my department chief sent me to a course and paid for the licensing (thanks for that btw.) While I passed the tests I now have to clock 10 hours of flight before I am able to operate a drone for my employer.

Because 10 hours are quite a lot for just “flying around” I decided to set myself a mission objective. During my flights I will try to shoot as many interesting Bird’s-eye view Images as possible. The reason I decided to go with that kind of picture is that Bird’s-eye view pictures are to most interesting still images a drone can do without getting a full-scale photo-camera into the sky.

Here are four pictures of my last two flight hours I clocked.