As some of you might know I picked up photography only as early as mid 2019. Before that I was a strict filmmaker but because it got a bit overwhelming with my job, freelance work as well as my (multiple) YouTube Channels I had to pick up another hobby as compensation.

Even tho I got into photography relatively recently I was taking pictures with my phone for a long time now. Those pictures I like to call “snapshots”.

Those are not the pictures which ultimately would end up on my Instagram. These are more pictures I take because I find myself in a situation where I think to myself “a photo of that would be nice now”. I usually forget those photos moments after I took them, which makes up for some pretty nice surprises when I scroll through my photo roll from time to time.

Therefor without further ado! My TOP snapshots of 2019 – all taken on the Google Pixel 2 Smartphone.

Best Snapshots of 2019