On January 27th. I decided to visit the Singapore zoo.

Singapore Zoo is located near Khatib, which seen from downtown is located on the other side of the country. But that’s not a problem because the MRT will bring you there in just a little more than one hour. Simply take the MRT North South Line to Khatib. In Khatib change to a shuttle bus (which can be paid for with the EzLink card as well) and you will find yourself in front of the Singapore Zoo. The cost for this journey depending on your staring point will be a bit more than 3$

The district containing the Zoo consists of a total of three parks. The Singapore Zoo, River Safari and the Jurong Bird Park. But there is also a Night Safari. I myself only had time to visit the Singapore Zoo and none of the others. As I read online all three parks are rated as Zoos within the top of the world. And after I experienced the Singapore Zoo I can imagine how beautiful the two other parks must be.

I went to a few Zoos all over Europe already and I have to say that the Singapore Zoo just stands above everything I experienced so far. And it was only 6 months ago when I said that exact thing about Kolmården in Sweden.

Singapore Zoo definitely gets my recommendation for a MUST-see when visiting Singapore.

Please understand the following images as what they are. Images shot by a tourist visiting a Zoo. I had no plan or even instruction on where or how to shoot. I just visited a zoo and when I saw something I liked I snapped a photo to keep the memory.