Custom Trail Light Package Complete Bundle

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This is a product bundle including the following products:

NoLimits 2 Custom Trail Light Package

This package includes configurable Scenery Objects that can be used to create trail lights on rollercoasters. These lights interact with rollercoaster trains when passing the light, allowing for “chasing” light effects.

Extra Long Custom Trail Light Strips [Add-On]

Need longer light strips for your trail light project? These Extra Long Custom Light Strips should be able to cover almost any layout without issue (multiple, shorter light strips from the base package can be used to create the same result).

Per Train Effect Light Color [Plugin]

This plugin allows setting the Custom Trail Light effect color for each train separately. Once a train passes a defined TrackTrigger the color associated with the train will be set as Effect Light for the Custom Trail Light.

Chasing Light Bolts [Plugin]

This plugin allows the creation of Chasing Light Bold “flashes” that run along the coaster track with a configurable flash color.

Trail Lights Blackout [Plugin]

This plugin allows the creation of Rolling Blackouts that run along the coaster track, Turing off all lights the Rolling Blackout passes. Lights can also be turned off and on simultaneously without the Rolling Blackout effect.

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