Extra Long Custom Trail Light Strips [Add-On]

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About this NoLimits 2 Asset

This is an Add-On to the NoLimits 2 Custom Trail Light Package

Need longer light strips for your trail light project? These Extra Long Custom Light Strips should be able to cover almost any layout without issue (multiple, shorter light strips from the base package can be used to create the same result).

Shipped scene objects

Listed below are all Scenery objects shipped with this package that can be added to the NoLimits 2 Custom Trail Light Package.
  • Trail Light 1000.nl2sco
  • Trail Light 2000.nl2sco
  • Trail Light 5000.nl2sco
  • Trail Light 1000 Halo.nl2sco
  • Trail Light 2000 Halo.nl2sco
  • Trail Light 5000 Halo.nl2sco

How to install

How to install additional Light strips

Move / copy all files and folders within the “Extra Long Custom Trail Light Strips” folder into the “Custom Trail Light Package” folder.
When asked if you want to overwrite the resource and img folders, press YES.


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