Summer 2019 - The tour that started it all!

In the summer of 2019 I did a 5-day coaster trip through Sweden and Germany all by myself. This trip gave me the opportunity to try something new and document my travels with my camera. What started as Pictures just for me ended soon in what’s now this Project and this website.

This is an interactive story-tour. You can change the chapter of the tour by either scrolling or using the pagination on the very right side of the screen. Enjoy!

August 28. 2019

On the first day I hopped to Stockholm by taking a plane from Zurich. I arrived in Stockholm at 12 pm, got my hotel at 1 PM and at 3.30pm I already stood in the thirst themepark of my tour, Gröna Lund.

August 29. 2019

While I stayed until 11pm at Gröna Lund there was no time to wast with sleeping longer than needed. On the second day I left my hotel at 6:45 AM to catch my train ad 7:30 which would then take me on a 3-hour journey to the Kolmården Wildlife Park.

After a mere 4 hours at the park I had to leave early because I had to catch another train this day. A train which would take me to Goteborg on the other side of Sweden in just 4 hours. At around 10.30 pm I reached my hotel in Goteborg for the night.

August 30. 2019

Its not like I had much time in the hotel anyways then at 10 AM I was already checked out and on my way to the third and last theme park on my tour in Sweden. At 11 AM the gates to Liseberg opened and I yet again was standing next to world-class roller coasters.

While Lieseberg would stay open until late at night I had to leave at 5 PM because this time I had to catch a plane to my next destination, Germany.

August 31. 2019

You won’t believe it but after a way to short stay at the airport Hotel in Hamburg I got picked up by a friend and his car to visit Hansapark. Which is a Park I had on my shortlist since the opening of “Fluch von Novgorod” in 2009.

After an eventful day at the Park, my friend agreed to drive me back to the Main station of Hamburg where I was catching yet another train. But this time it wasn’t for just a few hours, no. This time this Train would take me from the far north to the far south of Germany in just 12 hours.

September 1. 2019

After a way too long train ride with only 2 to 3 hours of light sleep I arrived at the last Themepark of my summer 2019 tour. I arrived early at 9 AM and was waiting to meet with friends which were on their way from Switzerland. When I revived a text that they would be late due to heavy traffic I looked for a comfy park-bench and sleept for one more final hour before a full day of roller coasters once again.

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