Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic theme parks all over the world are closing to help slow down the spread. While this is the right thing to do, it also means that coaster enthusiasts like me have to stay home and watch our favorite coasters through the Internet. After it became apparent that me and my friends would have to cancel our long planed “italy + poland” tour this spring I decided to do find new ways to practice my coaster photography skills.

So I picked up virtual roller coaster photography as a new hobby! I’m not kidding.

Thanks, to the NoLimits 2 simulation as well as stunning user creations I am able to create beautiful pictures of roller coasters in the virtual world.

I started to regularly livestream my virtual roller coaster photo tours on YouTube. The results of those sessions can be seen in this Blog post.

Note: The Post will get updated regularly.

Deity B&M Giga


Wyvern - B&M Inverter

Infinity Mega Coaster

Grizzly - California's Great America

Joker 20/20

Big Bad Wolf