The reason for the 4K wallpapers paywall
2. October 2020

This article aims to clarify the question of why 4K wallpapers of rollercoasters are not available for FREE on What are Wallpapers? Wallpapers as available on are digital downloads of image files. Those image files were prepared for use as a decorative background on the screen of a computer, smartphone or other electronic devices. The image's resolution, aspect ratio, as well as composition might have been altered...

Intamin Megacoaster construction at Walibi Belgium
27. July 2020

In 2018 Intamin announced two new roller coasters for 2021 which were purchased by Compagnie des Alpes. One coaster would find its new home at Parc Asterix in France the other one in Walibi Belgium. Since COVID-19 has shaken up the entire industry we weren't certain if we indeed would see those two new coasters completed on time or completed at all. In the spring of 2020 Parc Asterix announced that they would push back their new coaster to 2021...

Volldampf and Hals-über-Kopf a look at the two new Vekoma attractions at Tripsdrill
24. June 2020

Tripsdrill is getting two world's firsts! Vekoma and Tripsdrill teamed up to build an attraction which is unique in its configuration. Not only is Tripsdrill getting the first Vekoma Suspended Thrill Coaster ever built. They're also getting the first combination of a suspended roller coaster and shuttle coaster which tracks are intertwined. On June 23. I was granted the opportunity to visit and ride those two new attractions before its grand op...

Switzerland is getting a new roller coaster and with it comes a new theme park
10. June 2020

Switzerland, known in the world of roller coasters and theme parks more for its manufacturers such as B&M, Intamin, ABC-Rides or RES but definitely less for its amusement and theme parks is getting a new theme park. For the past two decades the only places that offered traditional roller coaster like thrill rides were Happyland in the southwest of switzerland as well as Conny-Land in the northeast. The latest non-traveling roller coaster add...

A look at the new trains for Switzerlands highest and fastest roller coaster Cobra at Conny-Land
7. June 2020

There are only a few roller coasters in the world with such a spectacular construction history as Conny-Lands Cobra roller coaster. Europe's biggest linear roller coaster was originally planned to open in the 2007 season but due to delays and manufacturing issues the roller coaster finally opened to the public in the 2010 season. 3 years later than expected, just to get dismantled at the end of the season to receive a complete reworked track by S...

Virtual Roller Coaster Photography
4. April 2020

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic theme parks all over the world are closing to help slow down the spread. While this is the right thing to do, it also means that coaster enthusiasts like me have to stay home and watch our favorite coasters through the Internet. After it became apparent that me and my friends would have to cancel our long planed "italy + poland" tour this spring I decided to do find new ways to practice my coaster photography ...

My first photos of a new neighborhood.
28. February 2020

It's no big news to all of you who follow me on my socials that I recently moved to a new neighborhood. This move to a more busy area (aka city) gave me the opportunity to now find interesting photo subjects even at night to practice my photo skills even during the theme park off-season. As I stated before it is important to me to practice and improve my photo skills even when I am not able to take photos of roller coaster during the off-season....

A cloudy forrest in singapore.
30. January 2020

While my 6 day stay in Singapore earlier this year was packed with highlights and at times somewhat overwhelming for a european patato like me. There was one massive tourist-attraction I could not miss. Cloud Forrest. Cloud Forrest is one of two Indore gardens located within gardens by the bay. This 0.8 hectares greenhouse replicates the moist climate found in tropical mountain regions somewhere around 1000 MAMSL. It also features a 42-meter h...

Gardens by the bay at night.
28. January 2020

Singapore has many well recognized landmarks. One of the biggest eyecatcher, at least for me are the giant Supertrees in the gardens by the bay.  Those "Supertrees are a steel structure in the shape of trees with a hight of up to 50 meters. The structures are grown over and used for breeding rare plants. I remember back when I was a child and saw an image of those trees for the first time I just thought to myself “Those people must be completely...

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