It’s no big news to all of you who follow me on my socials that I recently moved to a new neighborhood. This move to a more busy area (aka city) gave me the opportunity to now find interesting photo subjects even at night to practice my photo skills even during the theme park off-season.

As I stated before it is important to me to practice and improve my photo skills even when I am not able to take photos of roller coaster during the off-season. This helps me to ensure I am able to take roller coaster photos of the usual quality at day one of the on-season and don’t need a transitional period to find back to my usual quality.
To ensure I don’t get rusty I try to get on a photo trip every one to two weeks. And when I am on a trip I will take photos until I get at least a handful of pictures I am pleased with.

Those photos were all taken within a quick 90-minute stroll through my new neighborhood.