On December 18th I once again joined an LSPOspotter tour at ZRH. Which are the same people as the one which i ran into last time. (Read about this past tour here).

While I was not prepared for a night photography session last time I was prepared this time. As you might remember last time I only brought a Sony FE 70-200 mm G as well as a Sony FE 200-600 mm G lens with me which is a pretty bad idea at night to be quite honest.

This time I knew what my mission was and I did plan accordantly. Since I noticed that some struggled to get an entire, parked plane onto their frame with a 24 mm lens I knew that I would bring my widest wide-angle I own, the Sony FE 12-24 G mm. On top of that I opted for my Sony FE 70-200 mm G in case I have to bring a faraway plane into frame. Yet the most important piece of gear which I brought this time, was a super tiny tripod which allowed me to take long time exposure images.

Shooting long time exposure is one of my most favorite things to do at night. And that’s not only because of the beautiful light trails any moving light sources emit. It’s also for the fact that it allows me to shoot with a super low ISO which enables me to shoot super crisp images with only little, to no noise. And Since I am “only” shooting on a Sony A7 iii camera with 24 MP I can not afford to have a noisy image. Well at least I can’t because I hate noise in my own images.

However, long story short: We had a grate time out on the apron, and I was (this time) able to shoot some really cool photos. Here are some of my most favorite shots of that night. – Thanks for organizing this awesome tour lspospotter.ch!