As of August 2019 it was about time for me to first ever visit a country outside Europe. After some research and just the right amount of luck (more on that in another post) I made the decision to visit Singapore.

So fast-forward to January 25th 2020. At 9.00 pm I boarded a Boeing 777-300ER operated in KLM flying me from Amsterdam to Singapore. Even tho I fly more often than I really want to admit this flight was something special. This would be my first ever long haul flight. Until now my longest flight ever was only 3 hours long. So I was exited but also somewhat scared. I booked an economy seat and I heard bad thing about those. You know the usual… uncomfortable seating, no legroom, terrible food, not operational board-entertainment systems and more.

With all those things back in my mind I was more than just surprised to find out that the situation in economy was “just right” for me.

My seat was comfortable, the legroom was just enough for me to be able to stretch my legs under the seat in front of me. The board entertainment system, was not only operating but were good enough i never had to fall back onto my downloaded Spotify Playlists or YouTube Videos I prepared for this flight. Heck! I even made the 12.5 hour flight with just one toilet visit and one stretching in the gangway.

All considered a pretty pleasant flight. Oh, by the way have I mentioned that the seat next to me was empty? 🙂

After I landed in Singapore my plan was it to get to the hotel as fast as possible to shower, eat and start exploring Singapore downtown. Well I did not make my plans with Jewel. I knew that Jewel was a thing and I should definitely visit it. But I thought it would be enough to visit it an hour before checking in for my return flight. Heck was I wrong.

After I went through customs I was looking for a sign to the MRT (subway). Well it only took me like 1 minute to stumble upon the main entrance of Jewel. And from the second I saw that beauty… I knew. I need to take out my camera and get some shots for my Blog.

If you need an explanation what Jewel exactly is… not my job. Read this:

My job was it to bring you some images of it and here are my favorite ones!