Trail Lights Blackout [Plugin]

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About this NoLimits 2 Asset

This is a plugin for the NoLimits 2 Custom Trail Light Package

This plugin allows the creation of Rolling Blackouts that run along the coaster track, Turing off all lights the Rolling Blackout passes. Lights can also be turned off and on simultaneously without the Rolling Blackout effect.


    • Can turn off and on all lights simultaneously.
    • Can turn off and on all lights after each other (rolling black out).
    • Customizable Blackout duration.
    • Customizable Rolling Blackout Delay (Time between one light and the next going out).
    • Rolling Blackout direction reversible.
    • Will only affect lights that are already turned on.
    • Adjustable Chaining Light Bolts Start TrackTrigger.
    • Adjustable Chaining Light Bolts Stop TrackTrigger.
    • Effect can be applied to a single Light Group.
    • Effect can be applied to complete Light Chain.

Shipped scene objects

Listed below are all Scenery objects shipped with this plugin that can be added to the NoLimits 2 Custom Trail Light Package.
  • Trail Lights Blackout Setup.nl2sco

How to install

Move the “plugins” folder into the “Custom Trail Light Package” folder.
When asked if you want to overwrite the plugins folder, press YES.

This is a plugin for the Custom Trail Light Package for NoLimits 2. For this plugin to work, you have to unpack / install the Custom Light Package first and then place this plugin inside the Custom Trail Light Package. If you encounter any scripting errors when placing this plugin object, you have not copied / installed the plugin files in the correct folder.

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